Strike-out of Cone

To calculate the profile and the outside dimension of a cone from a flat plate. A cone for a column for example is usually first cut out a flat plate and then roled to shape.

A design calculation has to be done to determine the actual dimensions of the strike-out from the flat plate. Some extra margins (allowances) )can be added to the ends of the cone to be able to prepare the ends (for example by grinding) for welding purposes. Below figure indicates the meaning of the required dimensions necessare to execute the design calculation.

Calculate Cone Strike-Out

Cone diameter 1

mm (10 - 1000)

Cone diameter 2

mm (15 - 1500)

Height of cone

mm (10 - 1500)

Machining allowance 1

mm (0 - 50)

Machining allowance 2

mm (0 - 50)


Note: For study purposes only. Results should be optimized and approved by qualified engineer.

R1=302 R2=533 967 549 406 309 Plate overall length (mm) = 967 Plate overall width (mm) = 406 Area of profile (mm^2) = 219208 Red -Bag