The Library section of the Red-Bag website contains information for the process industry from the perspective of the Owner Operators and the Engineering Contractors of process plants. The content of this section will be update and expanded regularly with new information.

The software tutorials section contains information, links and getting started guides about the Red-Bag software. The software applications are calculation tools for vessels, exchangers and pipe components.

The papers section provides information about technical subjects and the Red-Bag philosophy related to the subject. For example: technical data on documents and drawings are exchanged between vendors and customers. Many information is checked and duplicated (sometimes by hand) which is time consuming. A paper discusses this subject and highlights which information should be transferred.

Quality Documents, Work Instructions, Guides, Standards, Specifications, Forms

The remaining sections are parts of a full Quality Assurance system, starting with general QA documents to very detailed design standards and forms. The documents are for reference only. We would appreciate that if content is copied or used in other documents, that the Red-Bag site is indicated as your source of information.

The objective of a QA system is to provide a documented system for the structured activities within the company which promote efficient and cost effective operations resulting in quality prod­ucts/services that satisfy client requirements.

The further objective is to provide an internal working document for the company work procedures. To promote uniformity of working methods throughout, the appropriate procedures should be implemented at all times without deviation.

  • QA standards - This Quality Assurance Manual contains the subjects, tasks, measures and general responsibilities of Company's department and project activities compiled as a company Assurance Program
  • General procedures - The Company Procedures Manual is a collection of Company's interdepartmental and administrative procedures.
  • Detail procedures - This level of procedures covers the activities within and limited to individual departments or discipline.
  • Work instructions - Work instructions give details how activities, that are referred to in procedures, shall be performed.

In addition to the mandatory company documentation system, departments and disciplines may establish documents for easy reference. Information for the implementation of operations can be taken from:

  • general guides
  • engineering and design guides
  • general standards
  • engineering and design standards
  • standard specifications
  • standard requisitions
  • standard forms

The accounting and estimating procedures use cost- or commodity codes to identify activities and hardware. The cost codes cover all material and activities use during the execution. The forms are standard documents that are used during project execution. Examples are construction forms for inspection and forms for reproduction of documents.

  • Cost Codes
  • Forms

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