PCC - EN 13480 software

The EN 13480 calculation code for piping components is a relatively new code. The code has newly developed calculation methods of which most are based on existing national (European) calculation codes, such as AD2000, BS 5500, CODAP or RToD.

The EN calculation codes use the material strength values as defined in the EN material codes. If a material does not exist certain methods can be used to get an acceptable value.

Many plants in Europe use ASME/ASTM materials. The material properties of these materials are not listed within the EN material codes and normally the ASME/ASTM strength values cannot be used directly within a EN code calculation. However there are examples where a NOBO (Notified Body) accepted the direct use of the ASME/ASTM strength values within a EN 13480 calculation.

The engineer using the PCC software has the possibility to select this possibility at the Project Settings. The stress values of the relevant ASME/ASTM material standard are used if the check mark is checked. Otherwise the EN approach is used and the relevant allowable stresses are calculated by the PCC software.