It is Red-Bag's ambition to develop within a reasonably timespan into a full service software supplier focussing on piping and mechanical equipment.

The current services and software offered are concentrating on authority engineering, piping and mechanical engineering. If required the services are expanded with the supply of equipment. Red-Bag is able to offer the full range of services for piping and static equipment. Our work can start as early as from the process design and a process datasheet. Red-Bag will assure that the applicable building and environmental permits are addressed. Red-Bag will calculate with in-house software the piping and equipment according the applicable codes. The calculations will present the most economical design possible within the code.

It is our continuous effort to fully translating the services in software applications using our engineering experience. The development of the applications and bringing them to the market is our core business.

The future

Our customers are engineering contractors, manufacturers and owner-operators in the (Petro-)Chemical industry. Red-Bag supplies specialist services to these customers and supports the work processes with detail knowledge. The Red-Bag disciplines will continuously improve the understanding of the future needs of customers. Establishing a vision of the needs is step one. The next step is getting acquainted with relevant knowledge and implement it effectively in the projects of customers.

Red-Bag developments will focus on:

  • Engineering and maintenance automation
  • End-user data and information structuring
  • Project execution efficiency improvement
  • Authority (EN) regulation assistance
  • Providing a source of information and consultancy

and thus providing in the near future the tools that will support the work during all phases of design, built, operate and maintain a process plant.

Engineering and maintenance automation

Many engineering tasks are automated and further use of computers is anticipated. The tools for design (CAD), calculations and communication are developing at an incredible pace. The computer tools can be used in many different industries and are therefore lacking the required specific application for the petrochemical industry. Red-Bag could play a role in developing these application and provide the support at the customers offices.

End-user data and information structuring

Project equipment specifications and designs are prepared with the implementation of the end-users requirements. The clients (end-users) of EPC contractors have detail design specifications which have been used for many years.

The technical data is originating from various sources. With the development of engineering applications Red-Bag is actively playing a role in the development of the data structure at end users.

Project execution improvement

Engineering firms have to little time to improve certain aspects of the project. During project execution the focus is on the project, during times of low work the management is concentrating on reducing the in-house cost. Red-Bag will in the future provide tools to assist the specialists and the multi-discipline engineers to execute the projects.

Authority regulations

National and international standards and regulations have been changing rapidly. The changes are frequently originating from the increasing environmental and safety consciousness of the various governmental bodies. The regulation are becoming more and more complex and do have an affect on many aspects of the design and installation of petrochemical facilities. Red-Bag has specialists who can assist end-users, engineering contractors and manufacturers with implementing the authority regulations into the existing permits and certificates, for example, building permits to CE marking and the last modifications to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)

Source of information

Red-Bag specialists will follow the technical developments and assess whether considering the implementation of new techniques in the design and execution is useful for our customers. Red-Bag specialists, based on these new developments, will also provide papers and possibly seminars.

Vision development

The above vision is under development and will result in an engineering toolbox consisting of various software applications. The background for the development will mature in time and is documented in below listed papers:

  • Red-Bag FMDI principle - A4, letter (.pdf)
  • Data handling in process plants - A4, letter (.pdf)