The PCC software has for the ASME B31.X two modes of calculation:

  1. Fitting with a specific rating (default)
  2. Fitting without a specific rating

In the first mode (fitting with a specific rating) the PCC software makes only a calculation of the corresponding pipe with the same schedule as per the ASME code.

However for example if you want to make a full detailed calculation of a Tee you have to switch the calculation mode for ASME B31.3 to "ASME B31.3 Use without specific rating". The custom Tee calculation will now be executed in full detail.

Please refer to ASME B31.3 302 Design Criteria, paragraphs 302.2.1 ... 302.2.3. Thus:

Ref. 1, Tee with specific rating -> calculate the Tee as an equivalent straight pipe. This is the default mode for ASME B31.3. The manufacturer of the Tee Schedule 10S is responsible to make the Tee equally strong as the pipe schedule 10S made of the same Tee material.

Ref. 2, Tee without specific rating -> make a detailed Tee calculation according paragraph 304.3. This is the custom mode. Use this when the Tee is of unknown origin or custom made with predefined dimensions. Now you will have to insert or know all detailed dimensions. Usually you can start with the dimension import of a standard fitting.

Below image indicates the setting location in PCC:

PCC fitting setting