Table of content

  1. Introduction
  2. Equipment and material description
  3. List of applicable documents

1. Introduction

This requisition covers the supply of incandescent lighting fixtures in accordance with the applicable specification and the data presented herein.

Full documentation as required in the inquiry, order or attached documents shall be supplied in the quantities and at the dates specified.

2. Equipment and material description

1. Hazardous category Fixture  
  Gasgroup Lampholder  
2. Plant location  
3. Site conditions  
4. Minimum ambient temperature (°C)  
5. Maximum ambient temperature (°C)  
6. Voltage (V)  
7. Frequenty (Hz)  
8. Item number A B C D E F
9. Incandescent lamps  
10. Quantity  
11. Output watt (W)  
12. Hazardous category: E, R, N  
13. Explosion protection  
14. Degree of protection in accordance with reference 3.2.1  
15. Fixtures shall be user indoor/outdoor
16. External reflector required yes/no
17. Type of cable gland explosion proof/normal industrial
18. Test certificates of cable glands required yes/no
19. Coned draw gland required yes/no
20. Kind of material cable glands  
21. Size of thread for cable gland holes or conduit connections  
22. Holes shall be suitable for connection to a conduit system yes/no
23. Fixtures shall be provided with a seal for incoming wiring yes/no
24. Thread of seal  
25. Position and number of cable glands  
26. Diameter of cable Under armor
  Over armor  
27. Protective guard required yes/no
28. Approved test certificate of an independent laboratory required yes/no
29. Color of external surface  
30. Material of fixture body  
31. Bulbs are part of the supply yes/no
32. Special keys are to be supplied yes/no
33. Number of special keys  

3 List of applicable documents

3.1 Specifications

BN-SP-EF02 issue 1 Industrial incandenscent lighting fixtures for use in potentially explosive atmospheres

3.1 Standards, Codes and Norms

IEC 529 issue 1989 Degree of protection provided by enclosure (IP Code)



Deviations from Specification and Requisition

(To be completed by Vendor)


Approved Vendor Deviations from Specification and Requistions



Client's Additional Requirements to Company's Specification and Requisition