The requisition provides the detail requirements for an equipment or a service. The general requirements are listed in the general specification supporting the requisition. The (general) specification provides the overall basis for a minimum quality and safety of the scope of work. The details for a service or equipment is part of the requisition.

Below is a list of the instrumentation requisition titles, use Library Menu the navigation bar at the left to view the publicly available documents or use this link to go directly to the QA system documents >

Number Title
BN-EF0001 Industrial Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures
BN-EF0002 Industrial Incadescent Lighting Fixtures
BN-EF0003 Industrial High Pressure, Mercury Vaporfloodlights and Ballasts
BN-EG0001 Data Sheet for 3 Phase Squirrel Cage Induction Motors
BN-EK0001 Low Voltage Cables for Above/underground Application
BN-ES0001 Metal Enclosed Medium Voltage Draw-Out Switch Gear
BN-ES0003 Low Voltage Draw-Out Switchgear
BN-ET0002 3 Phase Oil Immersed Power Transformer - Conservatortype
BN-EY0001 Remote Control Units and Safety Switches
BN-EY0005 Street Lighting and Floodlighting Poles of Steel Construction
BN-EY0007 Diesel Driven Emergency Generator Unit
BN-KA0005 Viscosity Analyser
BN-KA0006 Final Boiling Point Analyser
BN-KA0007 Cloud Point Analyser
BN-KA0010 Electric Conductivity Transmitters
BN-KA0011 Color Analyzers
BN-KA0014 Density Analysers
BN-KA0015 Moisture Analysers
BN-KA0017 Gas Chromatographs
BN-KA0019 Ph Transmitter
BN-KA0020 Hydrocarbon In Water Analyzer
BN-KA0027 Kinetic Vapor Pressure Analyser
BN-KA0031 Silica Analyser
BN-KA0035 Freeze Point Analyser
BN-KA0042 Chlorine Analysers
BN-KA0043 Turbidity Analyzers (Liquids)
BN-KA0050 H2s/so2 Ratio Analyzer
BN-KA0060 Hf In Offgas Analysers
BN-KB0004 Gas, Fire, Smoke Detection System
BN-KE0002 Instrument Signal Cables
BN-KF0001 Orifice Plates
BN-KF0003 Orifice Meterruns
BN-KF0004 Dp Flow Transmitters Electric
BN-KF0005 Dp Flow Transmitters Pneumatic
BN-KF0006 Positve Displacer Meters
BN-KF0007 Turbine Meters
BN-KF0008 Magnetic Flow Meters
BN-KF0009 Vortex Meters
BN-KF0010 Venturi Flowmeters
BN-KF0011 Pitot Tubes
BN-KF0014 Restriction Orifice Assemblies
BN-KF0019 Thermal Flow Transmitters
BN-KF0020 Ultrasonic Flow Meter
BN-KF0021 Annubars
BN-KF0024 Flow Switches
BN-KF0027 Variable Area Flow Meters
BN-KF0028 Coriolis Mass Flow Meters
BN-KL0001 Electronic Level Transmitters With External Mounted Displacers
BN-KL0002 Level Displacers Pneumatic
BN-KL0003 Electronic Differential Pressure Transmitters Level
BN-KL0004 Level D/p Transmitters Pneumatic
BN-KL0005 Level Switches Float Type
BN-KL0008 Tank Gauging System
BN-KL0009 Level Switches (Flex Type)
BN-KL0010 Level Capacity Probe
BN-KL0011 Local Tank Gauging for Floating Rooftype
BN-KL0012 Local Tank Gauging for Cone Rooftype
BN-KL0020 Level Gauges
BN-KL0021 Magnetic Level Gauges
BN-KP0001 Electronic Gauge Pressure Transmitters
BN-KP0002 Pressure Transmitters Pneu.
BN-KP0003 Differential Pressure Transmitters Electr
BN-KP0004 Differential Pressure Transmitters Pneu
BN-KP0006 Pressure Gauges
BN-KP0007 Pressure Gauges Diaphragm Seal
BN-KP0008 Pressure Switches Pneu
BN-KP0009 Electronic Absolute Pressure Transmitters
BN-KP0010 ABS Pressure Transmitters Pneumatic
BN-KP0011 Draught Gauges
BN-KP0012 Electrical Pressure Switches
BN-KS0002 Thermal Relieve Valves
BN-KS0003 Rupture Discs
BN-KS0004 Breathing Valves
BN-KT0001 Thermowells
BN-KT0003 Local B-Metal Temperature Indicators
BN-KT0004 Platinum Resistance Thermometer Sensors
BN-KT0006 Thermocouple Assemblies and Thermowells
BN-KT0019 Field Mounted Temperature Transmitters
BN-KT0080 Integral Temperature Transmitters
BN-KV0004 Bottom Shut-Off Valves
BN-KV0006 Self-Acting Pressure Control Valves
BN-KV0013 Solenoid Valves
BN-KX0001 Integrated Control System
BN-KX0001A Microprocessor Based Multichannel/programmable Instruments
BN-KX0004 Local Mill-Amp Receiver Gauges
BN-KX0005 Electro-Pnuematic Transducers
BN-KX0008 Air Filter Pressure Regulators
BN-KY0005 Proximity Switches
BN-KY0013 Local Electric Switch
BN-KY0017 Cable Tray
BN-KY0025 Terminal Boxes
BN-KY0027 Manifolds, Gauge Valves, Siphons and Needle Valves
BN-KY0037 Emergency Shutdown System
BN-KY0043 Isolating Switch Amplifiers
BN-KY0044 Instrument Protective Housings
BN-KY0080 Interposing Relay Cabinets