The EN 1594 code calculations have been include in PCC based on the request of Gasunie.

Gasunie is a new customer of Red-Bag since 2008 and uses the PCC software for the calculation and design of their gas distribution piping systems. Gasunie has a network of distribution in The Netherlands and northern Germany. The head office is Groningen in The Netherlands, click here.


The EN 1594 design code is used for the gas distribution systems. Due to the modular design of PCC, Red-Bag was able to include the design code EN 1594 within a few months. Currently we are working to implement the widely used ASME B31.1 and B31.8 design code.

The ASME B31.3, EN 13480 and RToD design codes are already implemented in the current release of the software. Our current customers will receive the updated release during May and June.