Again new procedures have been added to the site as part of our continuous information supply to the community.

The Library has been updated with the following new procedures:

BN-CO-103 Pre-Construction Planning and Control, Mobilization and Field Start
BN-CO-107 Material Control and Warehousing
CM-PE-709 Bid Clarification Meetings
CM-PE-710 Assessment of Construction Capabilities of Subcontractors
CM-PE-711 Vendor Quality System Requirements, Procedure
CM-PE-800 Plant Completion, Use of Standard Checklists
CM-PE-801 Constructability
QAM-018 Non Conformances
BN-SP-UP102 General Conditions for Construction Work for Supply
BN-SP-UP501 Packing and Marking of Material and Equipment
BN-SP-UP502 Packing, Marking and Shipping (Overland)
BN-SP-UP503 Transportation Plan
BN-SP-UP504 Shipping (Overseas)