Table of Contents

  1. Purpose
  2. General
  3. Responsibilities
  4. Procedure
  5. Flowchart
  6. References
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1. Purpose

1.1 The objective of this procedure is to describe the handling of invoices from the Authorities on projects executed by Company.

1.2 This procedure is applicable for invoicing by Stoomwezen for activities by the Dienst voor het Stoomwezen and its supplementary facilities such as the Technisch Wetenschappelijke Dienst.

1.3 In addition to the notes on accounting a number of remarks are made supplying information to departments other than the Accounting Department.

1.4 For the purpose of this procedure the term “equipment” covers piping systems as well.

2. General

2.1 The tariffs for the various activities of Stoomwezen and the accounting bases are contained in a tariff list, which is issued from time to time. All tariff information is available with the Authority Engineering Group and with the Estimating Department.

Note: The tariff list is based on article 9 of the Steam Act, the “Vergoedingsbesluit Stoom- en Damptoestellen” and similar regulations for equipment to be assessed and/or inspected on basis of the Pressure Vessel Decree and the Nuisance Act.

2.2 The Dienst voor het Stoomwezen will invoice a number of their activities, required under the Steam Act/Decree, Pressure Vessel Decree and/or the Nuisance Act (per condition(s) for a licence bases on this Act).

2.3 For activities performed by Stoomwezen on the basis described in paragraph 2.2 above, no formal purchase order shall be written, unless so required for contractual reasons. These purchase orders shall, however, never be issued to Stoomwezen, but be used only for internal purposes.

If Stoomwezen performs inspection activities at a Dutch manufacturer for an installation in a foreign country, a purchase order will be required. This purchase order can be placed by either the manufacturer or by Company.

The manufacturer handles all invoices of Stoomwezen activities on new equipment manufactured in The Netherlands.

The Licensee (the Client) handles all invoices of Stoomwezen activities on existing piping systems/equipment.

3. Responsibilities

The Authority Engineering Group is responsible for the checking of all Stoomwezen invoices.

The Accounting Department is responsible for handling of all invoices of Stoomwezen activities on new equipment manufactured outside The Netherlands, unless the manufacturer involved has a recognized representative in The Netherlands.

Comments : Some project may require modified responsibilities as a consequence of the contract.

4. Procedure

4.1 Handling of Stoomwezen Invoices

4.1.1 All Stoomwezen invoices received by Company - Accounting Department on a project for which a Company The Hague employee is appointed as coordinator shall be handed to the Authority Engineering Group for checking and approval for payment.

4.1.2 The check performed by the Authority Engineering Group shall cover the following aspects:

  • is the invoice correctly addressed?
  • is the activities invoiced been performed and are they correctly identified or described?
  • is the amount invoiced correct (in accordance with the activity and the tariff list)?

If case one of the above questions must be answered negatively, the Authority Engineering Group will contact Stoomwezen for explanation and/or correction of the invoice.

4.1.3 If found to be correct the invoice will be signed as “agreed” for payment and dated. The signature shall be the one shown in the signature list under the relevant heading.

4.1.4 For accounting purposes, invoices for Company’s/Client’s account will be coded with project cost code UJ10X; the Project Manager shall indicate the last digit. Invoices for the account of the vendor shall be coded with the purchase order on which the material or service was purchased.

4.1.5 The Authority Engineering Group will return the invoice to the Accounting Department for further registration, payment and, if applicable, for backcharging on another purchase order number.

4.1.6 The payment term for an invoice from Stoomwezen is thirty (30) days after the invoice date.

Checking, signing and payment have therefore to be effected within 30 days upon receipt of the invoice.

4.2 Invoiced Stoomwezen Activities and Invoice Recipients

4.2.1 All assessment and inspection activities by Stoomwezen for existing piping system having a licence or a BOB (Bewijs van Onderzoek en Beproeving), or for tanks, a BvT, (Bewijs van Toezicht) will be invoiced to the licensee; in the majority of cases the licensee is also the Client.

4.2.2 All assessment and inspection activities by Stoomwezen for new equipment purchased in The Netherlands (towers, vessels, heat exchangers, tanks) and requiring a licence or a BOB/BvT will be invoiced to the manufacturer.

It is recommended to include all Stoomwezen costs in the purchase order price to avoid backcharging by the vendor/manufacturer.

4.2.3 Unless the foreign manufacturer has a recognized representative in The Netherlands, all assessment and inspection activities of Stoomwezen for new equipment purchased outside The Netherlands (towers, vessels, heat exchangers, tanks), requiring a licence or a BOB/BvT will be invoiced to Company. Company is liable for all Stoomwezen costs in such cases; without a written statement of Company’s liability to Stoomwezen, no assessment activities will be performed.

The purchase order to the vendor for the equipment shall include a provision for payment of (a part of) the Stoomwezen cost by the Vendor via a backcharge clause.

In case of a recognized representative in The Netherlands, this representative is liable for all Stoomwezen costs.

For details see procedure ref. 6.1.

4.2.4 All assessment and inspection activities by Stoomwezen for new piping systems (including extensions of existing piping systems) requiring a licence or BOB will be invoiced to Company, if Company is responsible for the engineering/construction. A (sub)contractor for piping is normally not accepted by Stoomwezen as a “manufacturer”. If Company is not responsible for the design of the piping system the procedure is similar to that described in 4.2.2 and 4.2.3.

4.2.5 The activities by Stoomwezen include the assessment of the design, the inspection of the manufactured equipment and the inspection after installation, as well as (for existing equipment) periodical inspections. The activities performed by the supplementary facilities are usually invoiced via the Stoomwezen District Offices involved; the latter Offices also give the necessary instructions to these facilities.

Activities performed by private firms and organizations are either invoiced to Company (if Company is the principal) directly or via Stoomwezen to Company, if Stoomwezen gives the order; in the latter case a 10% handling charge and VAT will be invoiced as well.

4.2.6 Relief valve purchase orders shall include a so-called “meetbrief”, issued by a firm recognized by Stoomwezen. For existing relief valves, the “meetbrief” shall also be obtained from a firm recognized by Stoomwezen; the costs, including Stoomwezen inspection, are then invoiced to Company. If a foreign vendor is involved, their agent in The Netherlands normally takes care of this activity.

Note : “Relief valves” includes thermal relief valves; “meetbrief” for these is sometimes required, but is recommended even if not required.

5. Flowchart

6. References


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