Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Home Office Construction Department
  3. Home Office Construction Organization and Responsibilities

1. Introduction

Upon award of a new contract, management selects a Project Manager to whom the total responsibility for the contract is assigned. All other departments of the Company support the Project Manager. They provide him with all necessary personnel, tools and know-how to execute the work properly. It is his responsibility to see that the terms and intent of the contract are fully satisfied, both from the standpoint of the Client and Company.

The Project Construction Manager selected for the project is Company's representative at the site for all operations.

The Project Construction Manager reports functionally to the Project Manager and administratively to the Manager Construction.

The Project Construction Manager and his field organization are to manage the construction of the facilities in accordance with the applicable contract, design, specifications, schedules and budgets.

He is also responsible to the Manager Construction for ensuring that construction is carried out in accordance with company policies and procedures.

The Home Office Construction Department staff is responsible to the Manager Construction.

2. Home Office Construction Department

Administrative and technical construction procedures are provided by the Construction Department. These and all field functions will be audited by the Home Office Construction Department during the course of work.

The Home Office Construction Department performs support functions on all Company projects within the framework of the Project Management and Task Force system. These functions include:

  • Establishing policy and procedures designed to ensure the success of the construction of Company projects.

  • Selecting, training, assigning and monitoring the performance of personnel for field operations.

  • Participating in precontract and preconstruction preparation of projects to ensure that sufficient background data and criteria are provided to the field, including pre-move-in activities.

  • Providing continuing assistance in areas requiring unique professional competence, such as industrial relations, safety and construction and material techniques.

  • Monitoring the project to ensure that Company policy and procedures are being followed, that field personnel perform within required professional and ethical standards and that the project is on schedule and meeting prescribed budget and quality standards.

3. Home Office Construction Organization and Responsibilities

3.1 Manager Construction

The Construction Department is managed by the Manager Construction, who is directly responsible for the department's operations and performance.

3.2 Manager Construction Administration

He reports to the Manager Construction and is responsible for the Home Office Construction Department activities with regard to construction general administration, Home Office Construction Department budgets and forecasts, administrative standards and procedures.

He maintains the Construction Department's personnel administration and related systems, and arranges for and coordinates educational and training programs relative to the professional advancement of construction personnel.

He coordinates the preparation of the department's input for proposals and participates in the preparation of construction estimates for projects. He reviews and analyzes overall company administrative and personnel policies as they effect construction relations and maintains liaison with the Home Office Personnel and administrative Departments.

He identifies construction personnel requirements and is responsible for the recruitment and assignment of personnel and related administration.

3.3 Home Office Construction Coordinator

The duties and activities of the Home Office Construction Coordinator are directed by the Manager of Construction.

For the early project phase, prior to the assignment of the Project Construction Manager, a Home Office Construction Coordinator is assigned whose major responsibilities are to accomplish the preliminary work required for establishing efficient field construction, and to ensure an efficient transition from the Home Office to the field. In this capacity he reports to the Project Manager until the Project Construction Manager is assigned, and then provides Home Office Construction support services as required.

During the construction phase, the coordinator will act as the interface between the Project Construction Manager and the project organization in the Home Office on expediting field requirements and/or clarifying unusual or extraordinary problems.

The coordinator will be active in job analysis throughout the life of the project to assist both the Project Manager and the Project Construction Manager.