The department procedures are related to the operational departments but some also the supporting departments. The operational procedures are primarily related to project execution because the procedures are written from the perspective of an Engineering Contractor.

The below listing gives an indication of the available procedures. Use Library Menu navigation bar at the left to view the public procedures on this website. or use this link to go directly to the QA system documents >

Number Title
BN-AC-001 Reporting of Illness to the Gak and the Control of Sickness Benefits
BN-AC-005 Handling of Monthly Salary Tapes
BN-AC-006 Transfer of Hota Manhours and Charges
BN-CO-100 Construction Manual
BN-CO-101 Home Office Construction Department Organization
BN-CO-102 Field Organization
BN-CO-103 Pre-Construction Planning and Control, Mobilization and Field Start
BN-CO-104 Field Office Administration
BN-CO-105 Site Security
BN-CO-106 Field Purchasing
BN-CO-107 Material Control and Warehousing
BN-CO-108 Engineering Administration and Cost Reporting
BN-CO-109 Subcontracts
BN-CO-110 Accounting and Administration
BN-CO-111 Field Cost Management & Administration
BN-CO-112 Field Construction Planning & Scheduling
BN-CO-113 Final Construction Report
BN-EP-003 Equipment Piece Counting
BN-EP-012 Preparation and Control of Engineering Calculations
BN-EP-013 Establishing/coding and Control of 'loans' of Department and Group References
BN-EP-060 Invoices From Stoomwezen
BN-EP-213 Quantification of Insulating and Coating Work for Package Units and Machinery by Vendor
BN-EP-240 Adminstrative Management of the Engineering Department
BN-EP-304 Work Division Between Control Systems and Electrical Groups .
BN-EP-309 Handling Structural Steel Element Contained in Package Units
BN-EP-310 Preparation of a Bulk Material Estimate Take-Off
BN-EP-311 Vendor Document Handling in Design Engineering
BN-EP-326 Creation of CAD Plotplans, 3D PDS Piping Models, GA's, Isometrics and MTO
BN-EP-387B Fabrication and Erection of Stoomwezen Piping Systems
BN-EP-503 Subcontracting Under the Chain Liability Act
BN-EP-604 Preparation of Estimates
BN-EX-001 Expediting Activities
BN-EX-003 Transportation
BN-IN-004 Vendor Evaluation
BN-IN-005 Vendor Inspection
BN-IP-001 ICT Data Administration Procedures
BN-IP-002 Systems Development Procedures
BN-IP-003 Personal Policies and Procedures
BN-IP-004 Network Administration & Operations
BN-IP-005 Helpdesk Operation & Procedures
BN-PS-001 Design Basis
BN-PS-004 Approval of Economic Assessment Data