The PCC is full featured pipe class calculation and management software tool. The output of PCC provides engineering documents like the pipe class summary sheet, calculation reports and data files.

The pipe class summary is the 'normal' pipe class report as used during the engineering and design of a process plant.

Image: summary of pipe class calculated

The calculation reports are a calculation summary of the most significant design condition per component and detail calculation per component, per size and per design condition.

The dimension report includes the dimensional information per component as a reference for the piping designer.

The data file is an XML format with all pipe class information which can be used in, for example, 3D CAD applications or between different PCC users. It is always used when requesting help from Red-Bag. With this file the Red-Bag support engineers can see the full content of the pipe class without entering data and with this data file provide quicker feedback.

The use of local databases is also possible. The preferred format is the Sqlite database.