The EN 1594 calculation code is for gas distribution system and gas stations with a maximum operating pressure over 16 bar and a design temperature between -40 and 120 Celsius. The pipe lines are for on-land gas supply systems.

The gas supply system consist of underground pipe lines and above ground stations. The calculations according EN 1594 use different design factors for determining the allowable stress. For example the design factor for underground piping is 0.72 and for stations is 0.67. This means that the allowable stress for underground piping can be higher than for the same material used in gas stations.

The PCC software can use different settings for pipe classes that are used in underground piping or stations. In case of customer specific requirements the design factor can be edited according the customer requirements. For example: a customer can use a lower design factor such 0.5 to have a higher safety margin in the piping system.