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2.4 Parts

In this paragraph you can read about creating, deleting and calculating pressure parts using the Part menu. Before you can create or calculate a pressure part you have to create or open a job and item as described in the previous paragraphs called Jobs and Items.

2.4.1 How to create a part

Part menu: New
The part menu New has several sub entries for creating different kind of pressure parts.

The pressure parts you create will be added to the currently open item. Each pressure part must have a unique number within the item it belongs to. Enter a new part number and use the type drop down list to select the type of part to create. After clicking the Ok button VPMS will add the part to the pressure part list of the item.

In above figure you see an example item of type GENERAL VESSEL with item number GV-1000. The pressure part SHELL BARREL is added to the item. The part is of the category Shell and type Cylinder. You can add shells, heads, flanges, flat covers, dished heads, tube sheets and bellows. To add nozzles you must open the nozzle list document. This document is the second entry in the pressure part list, just below the material list entry. To open the nozzle list double click on the document or mover the selection bar (blue bar) over the document and press the ENTER key.

2.4.2 How to delete a part

Part menu: Delete
Use this menu entry to delete the selected part from an item. VPMS will ask for conformation by opening an Yes/No dialog. Selecting No will abort the deletion.

2.4.3 How to switch between ASME, Stoomwezen and AD Merkblätter

In the middle of the screen you will find the pressure code options. Only the options present in your licence agreement will enabled. Use the mouse to activate the required pressure code option.

You can contact VES to extend your software with new pressure code modules. VES will send you a new hard lock with the requested options. VES is also developing new modules like for the PED.

2.4.4 How to open a pressure part calculation document

Make sure you have opened a job and an item. Then select the required pressure code option: ASME, Stoomwezen or AD Merkblätter. In the lower part of the window you will see the pressure part list connected to the currently open item below figures.

Pressure part list with (RToD) Stoomwezen documents

Pressure part list with AD Merkblätter documents

Pressure part list with ASME documents

Use the mouse or arrow keys to select the pressure part for which you want to open a calculation document. Click on the plus sign at the left of the selected part (or pressure the ENTER key). This will open the document list containing all applicable documents for the pressure part category and type. To open a pressure code document like Stoomwezen D0201 select the document with the mouse or arrow keys. Double click or press the ENTER key to open the document, see below figure.

Pressure code document Stoomwezen D0201

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