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2.2 Jobs

Any new project will start by creating a new job entry in VPMS. This job entry will be used to collect all mechanical design data for the pressure vessels of the project. This way each user working on the project can easily find all job related pressure vessels by opening the appropriate job entry. In this paragraph you will learn how to create job entries, open, close and delete jobs. The paragraph called Items will learn you how to add pressure vessels to your new job entries.

2.2.1 Starting VPMS for the first time

If you start VPMS for the first time you will see the Job Selection Window from figure 2-2. The first time only job number VALIDATION-99A is available. VES has already created this job and filled it with several pressure vessels used to test the software. The VES Quality & Validation report contains all printed output of these tests. With the help of the pressure vessels in job VALIDATION-99A and the VES Validation & Quality report you can check the correctness of the software updates you received from VES. This is useful for ISO certification because with the tested and checked calculations in the report you can prove the correctness of the software.

To continue learning how to manage jobs click the Cancel button and read the next paragraphs. If you want to explore job number VALITATION-99A use the Open button.

2.2.2 How to create a new job

Job menu: New
There are two ways to open the window used to create a new job entry:

  1. 1. Use the button called new from the Job Selection Windows
  2. 2. Make sure the Job Selection Window from figure is closed (use the Cancel button).

Then use the menu entry called New from the Job menu In the New Job window you must enter a unique job number, description, client name and plant location. Check the input and use the Ok button. VPMS will create and open the new job entry. You can see which job is open by looking at the left top of the main window. There you will find the job number of the currently open job in VPMS. There can only be one job open at a time.

2.2.3 How to open a job

Job menu: Open
You can open a job number by using Job Selection window. Use the Job menu Open entry to activate this window.

Use the mouse or arrow keys to select one of the job numbers. If you click the Open button or press the ENTER key VPMS will open the selected job number. VPMS will only allow you to work on the pressure vessels belonging to the currently open job number. In the example window you can see three newly created jobs entries. The description fields indicate that the jobs are for demonstration purposes.

2.2.4 How to change the job summary

Job menu: Summary
If you want to change the job description, client name or the location of a job you can use the Job menu entry Summary. This will activate the Job Edit window which is similar to New Job window. Use this window to change the job descriptions and click the OK button. Use the Cancel button or ESC key to discard the changes and close the window.

2.2.5 How to delete a job

Job menu: Delete
If you use this option VPMS will delete the currently open job entry and all related items (pressure vessels). To delete a job number you first have to open it with the Job Selection window. VPMS will ask you to confirm the deletion by selecting a Yes or No button. With the No button VPMS will abort deletion and nothing will be removed from the system.

If you select Yes VPMS checks if there are still job related items in the system. If VPMS finds one or more items it will warn you that there are still job related items. Again selecting No will abort job deletion. Selecting Yes will remove all job related items from VPMS and finally delete the job entry Warning: there is no way to recover deleted job entries. VES advises you create regular backups of the data section on your computer.

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