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2 Getting started

2.1 Ves Project Management System

In this chapter we will introduce you to the basics of the VES Project Management System (VPMS) It will explain job management, pressure vessels and pressure parts. At the end of this chapter you will have the basic skills needed to check and design pressure vessels with the VES software.

2.1.1 Introduction VPMS

The VES Project Management System is the central application used to manage all job related mechanical design data. The Stoomwezen, ASME and AD Merkblätter modules are incorporated dynamically by selecting one of the pressure code options available on screen. This chapter explains how to use the build in menus to add new jobs, open an existing job or how to remove a job from VPMS. We will create new pressure vessels like heat exchangers, horizontal vessels and vertical columns. We will use VPMS to explore the pressure vessels and activate Stoomwezen, ASME or AD Merkblätter calculations.

2.1.2 Using menus in Windows

In figure 2-1 you find an example of the Job menu. You can open the menu by moving the mouse cursor over the menu text 'Job' and clicking the left mouse button. If you prefer to use the keyboard to activate a menu you can use a <Alt>+key combination. Because in figure 2-1 the capital J of the menu text Job is underlined you can use the <Alt><J> key combination to open the menu. The same works for the Item menu, <Alt><I>, and the Part menu, <Alt><P> or any other menu in a windows application. To select one of the sub menu entries of an open menu like in figure 2-1 you can use the mouse or one of the underlined characters from the sub menus. For example:to close a job you press <Alt><J> to activate the menu and then <C> to actually close the job.

2.1.3 Starting & Quitting applications in Windows

To start VPMS use the Start button from the windows task bar. Open the menu entry Programs and select the sub menu entry call VESxxx (xxx is a revision number). This will start the VPMS application. The software will first check for a licence in one of the installed hard locks. This hard lock has to be installed in the parallel printer port at the back of your computer. If you want to extend your licence with a new code module you can buy this code module from Vessel Engineering Software. We will send you a new hard lock with the requested licence options. To quit the VPMS application open the job menu and select the sub menu entry called Exit (see figure 2-1). All data is already saved and the application will shut down without any further notice.

Piping Design

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