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1 Introduction

1.1 About this reference

This is a quick reference on how to install and use the VES Project management system (VPMS). With this reference guide you will learn how to open, create and maintain project data for static equipment. You will also learn how to create a new pressure vessel and how to customise this vessel by adding one or more pressure parts to the vessel. We will also explain how to switch between the available pressure codes like ASME, Stoomwezen and AD Merkblätter.

1.2 Hardware requirements

To install the software you will need an IBM or compatible personal computer with Windows 95/NT or 2000 installed. The following table shows the minimum computer requirements needed to install and run the VES software.

Hardware requirements to install and run VES
Requirements Processor Memory Monitor
Minimum Pentium II 133 MHz 16 Mb 15" 800 x 600
Recommended Pentium II 450 MHz 64 Mb 17" 1024 x 768

We strongly recommend the use of a 17" inch monitor with a 1024 X 768 or higher resolution.

1.3 Software installation

Installation from CD-ROM or 3.5" disk

  1. Insert the installation disk into the appropriate disk station.
  2. Use the Start button and select the menu entry Run to open the Run dialog.
  3. Enter A:\setup (3.5" diskettes) or D:\VES99A\setup (CD-ROM) and press ENTER. The set up software will start checking your computer configuration. If required your Windows system files will be updated and Windows will restart itself. If this happens you have to start the installation procedure again at point 1
  4. Follow the instruction on the screen. The Setup will ask you where to install the software. We recommend you use the default location suggested by the Setup.
  5. If the software is installed successfully you can put the hard lock in the parallel printer port at the back of your computer. For window NT or computers connected to a network printer the hard lock drivers must be installed. You can find these drivers on a diskette or directory called Hard lock drivers. Run the Setup.exe for the drives and follow the instructions on screen (you will need administrator rights). After the drivers are installed you must restart windows.
  6. After the software is installed you can use the Start button to open the menu entry called Program. Here you will find a menu entry you can use to start the software.

1.4 Network installation

The software uses several databases for which all users needs READ/WRITE access rights. They also need rights to create/read and write the database locking files. The installation will install the following databases:


On start up the software will create the following database locking files:


Project file: VODB.MDB
The VODB database contains all project related data. All users working on the same project must have READ/WRITE access rights for this database file. To create a new project file use the Job menu entry called Settings:

  1. Change the directory called Project database directory to a new network location
  2. Click the Update button to create a new empty project file called VODB.MDB.
  3. Close the settings windows
  4. Each user working on the project has to change his Project database directory setting to the new location of VODB.MDB.

You can create one or more project files on the same network. Each project file must be in a different location (directory). To switch between project files you have to change the Project database directory setting of VES99A.

Project template file: VODB.ORG
It is not possible to relocate the VODB.ORG file. The software always expects the VODB.ORG file to be in the same directory as the application VES99A. If you want to create a new project file you need the following rights:

  1. read/write for VODB.ORG
  2. create/read/write for VODB.LDB.

Standard database: VMDB.MDB
This database contains all standard materials, pipe schedules, rated flanges etc. All project files contain references to standards from the VMDB database. The best location for this database is on a network location where all users can access the file with READ/WRITE rights. It is possible to relocate VMDB.MDB. Use the Windows Explorer to copy the file to a new location. Then use the settings windows to change the Standard & Material database directory to the new location of VMDB.MDB. All users have to changes the Standard Material & database directory setting to the new location of VMDB.MDB.

1.5 Support

All customers with a licence and a maintenance contract can get support on the software.

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