To specify notes, select the menu item 'Specification' > 'Notes'. The window allows that notes can be added about the pipeclasses in the project.

Pipe Class Notes
Pipe Class Notes

The edit and view options are as follows in the window:

  • 'Section', shows a dropdown box indicating the section.
  • 'Note list', to edit the notes. Clicking on the note field selects the note.
  • 'Note prefix' the number or indication of the note.
  • 'Note Description', here the description of the note can be edited.
  • 'Move Down', move the note down in the list.
  • 'Move Up', move the note up in the list.
  • 'Remove', delete the note from the list.
  • 'Add', add a note to the end of the list.
  • 'Insert', insert the note in the list.

At the bottom of the dialog:

  • 'OK' button, to save the edited data in the database and close the dialog.
  • 'Cancel' button, to cancel the edited data and close the dialog.