The Sentinel Super Pro Driver window is activated by selecting the menu item 'Settings' > 'Hardlock (dongle)'. This window is used to set up the driver for the Sentinel hardlock. This hardlock can be a standalone dongle attached to a local desktop PC on which the PCC software is installed or it can be a netwerk dongle attached to a remote network server.

Settings Hardlock
Settings Hardlock

There are three options:

  • Option 1: use this option if the hardock is attached to the desktop PC on which the software is installed. No other settings are required.
  • Option 2: use this option if the hardock is of the type Sentinel Super Pro Net and is attached to a remote server PC on the network. The default protocol the driver is using to contact the server is the TCP/IP protocol. For other protocols we refer to the Sentinel documentation on the PCC installation CD-ROM. To redirect the Sentinel driver directly to the server where the hardlock is installed it is recommended to enter the server name or server IP address. If this field is left blank the Sentinel driver will search the entire network for a hardlock. This may take some time.
  • Option 3: this option can be used to customize the Sentinel driver settings. For specific information on this option we refer to the Sentinel documentation on the installation CD-ROM.

At the bottom of the dialog:

  • 'Help' button, to show this help page
  • 'Default' button, to reset the settings to the default values
  • 'Lock' button, to lock a license after the settings have been changed
  • 'Release' button, to release the current license in use
  • 'OK' button, to save the current settings and close the dialog
  • 'Cancel' button, to cancel the current settings and close the dialog

When the license for the PCC program is lost and fails to lock, you will get the following message:

License failure
License failure

The loss of the license can occur when the license is expired or when you have network trouble. The PCC program regularly checks if the license is still available. If not, the PCC program will reduce the functionability and disable the calculations.