The PCC program will have various purposes for piping engineers. Some of the purposes are:

  • Design of a new pipe class
  • Recalculation of an existing pipe class
  • Recalculation of a pipe class according a new code
  • Calculation for third party approval

Each of these purposes has its own requirements with regard to preparing the report. The PCC program has extensive exporting facilities to office tools which makes the preparation of custom reports possible.

The preparation of a PCC report for a third party approval can be as follows:

  • Print the summary sheet to show the overview of the pipe class contents, after using 'Execute' > 'Calculate Summary' or key <F5>.
  • Print all pages of the calculation result listing, after using 'Execute' > 'List all calculations' or key <F6>. These pages contain a cover sheet, the material properties and the most significant results of all calculations
  • Print for each component type (pipe, reducer, etc.) only the most significant detail component calculation. after using 'Execute' > 'Calculate component' or key <F7>. These pages will provide the required information about the method of calculation.

The above mentioned general report format will in most cases provide the necessary information to assess and review the pipe class calculations.

There is also the possibility to export all the detail calculations for all calculated components. Please note that this can take some time, due to the many generated files.