The pipe class edit window is activated by selecting in the main menu pipe class, 'New' or 'Edit'. The window consists of tabs which contains different pipe class settings. The tab Line Sizes will be completed with data by the user as indicated below.

Pipe Class Edit Line Sizes
Pipe Class Edit Line Sizes

The purpose is to enter the default line sizes to be used in this pipe class. The line sizes selection is used throughout the pipe class to make sure that only components are selected that have the same size as the line sizes selected.

The input fields are as follows:

  • At the top the line size standard can be selected from a dropdown box.
  • The left list gives the available (and not yet selected) line sizes from the standard.
  • The right list gives the selected line sizes.
  • The buttons in the middle allows the user to select or deselect line sizes.

Select in the left one or more line sizes and click the button with '>>' to select the line sizes. Likewise the line sizes at the right can be deselected by using the button with '<<'. With the button 'Custom Size' the user can add a custom size to the line size list. This line size is only applicable for the pipe components. The 'Default' button sets the selected line sizes to a standard set of line sizes.

At the bottom of the dialog:

  • 'Help' button, to show this help page
  • 'OK' button, to save the edited data in the dialog to the database and close the dialog.
  • 'Cancel' button, to cancel the edited data and close the dialog.