The branch table defines the connection type between a main pipe run or header pipe to a branch pipe. The strength will reduce due to the hole in the header pipe. The engineer will select the applicable branch type to ensure that adequate reinforcement will support the pipe with the branch hole.

The available branch types are such as:

  • Weldolet
  • Tee
  • Stub-On (fabricated branch)

The applicable branch sizes can be selected by clicking the appropriate cell or to drag a square of cells to enter the type. The clipboard field at the top shows the selected branch type if the copy and paste option is used for entering data in a cell.

The user will have to check whether the components are available to make the selected branches. Upto version 3.0 there is no automatic check between for example the component tee and the branch type tee (this is added in a future release of the software). This provides the best flexibility to the user and allows checking of different branch types without losing data.