The purpose of the PCC (Pipe Class Component) software program is to facilitate the calculation of individual and bulk pipe class components.

The PCC software program is developed for:

  • Process plant end-users
  • Engineering Contractors
  • Manufacturers of pipe components
Pipe Class Components
Pipe Class Components

The PCC program is a professional software application for the calculation of pipe line components. The pipe components are organized in so-called pipe classes. With the PCC program you can design new pipe classes or recalculate existing pipe classes. The PCC program is available as stand-alone version or as network version. The PCC program is available for the most recent Microsoft operating systems, Windows XP and later.

The PCC program provides advanced pipe class editing facilities, as well as making it easy to select and calculate individual components. The printing and exporting capabilities allow the engineer to use normal office tools to further edit the reports or to send the reports via e-mail as an attachment.

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