The project data edit window is opened by selecting in the file menu 'New Project' or 'Edit Project'. The window can also be selected in the file open window. In this window the general data of the project can be set.

Project Edit
Project Edit

The project data is used to identify a group of pipe classes in a project or can contain a full pipe specification set of pipe classes. The project number can also be a plant number for which the pipe classes are applicable.

The purpose of the entered data is as follows:

  • 'Project number', to identify the project or plant by number
  • 'Description', to provide a short description or name of the project/plant
  • 'Customer', the name of the project client or the name of the owner of the plant
  • 'Location', the location of the project or the plant which can be a city or a country
  • 'Design code', to define the code to be used for the calculation of the components. The selected code will be used for all the pipe classes in the project/plant. Current calculation codes include:
    • ASME B31.1 (Power piping, USA)
    • ASME B31.3 (Process piping, USA)
    • ASME B31.4 (Transportation liquids, USA)
    • ASME B31.8 (Transmission gases, USA)
    • EN13480 (Metallic industrial piping, EU)
    • EN1594 (Gas infrastructure, EU)
    • RToD (Pressure vessels, NL)
  • 'ASME and ASTM setting', for some countries in Europe it is allowed to use the strength values of the ASME and ASTM standards for the EN calculations or Dutch RToD calculations. Select here which of the options you would like to use if the material is not listed in the European calculation code.
  • 'Calculation check', this is a PCC specific feature. The use of the colors is defined by setting the percentage of strength used of a component. The design pressure (DP) is set by the user and the Maximum Allowable Working Pressure (MAWP) is calculated by the program. The percentage strength used for a component is defined as the DP divided by the MAWP. The summary sheet can be reviewed quickly by setting the colors for different percentages. The color marks are set by the program in the summary sheet per component row to indicate the percentage strength used. This allows a quick review of the validity of pipe class for the selected pressure and temperature combinations.

The buttons at the bottom are:

  • 'Help' button, to show this help page
  • 'OK' button, to open the project and close this dialog.
  • 'Cancel' button, to close the dialog without saving the data.