The pipe schedule wizard is a PCC specific feature that helps the pipe class engineer to make a first assessment of the minimum required pipe schedules based on the selected default materials, pipe sizes, pipe class settings and the calculation code. The program will run the pipe calculations for each pipe size and will show the resulting minimum required schedules. The results can be imported in the pipe class as a first basis for the design of the pipe class. This dialog is opened by selecting in the 'Execute' menu the menu item 'Pipe Schedule Wizard'.

Pipe Schedule Wizard
Pipe Schedule Wizard

The wizard has also the option to select plate thickness for the pipes. The wizard will calculate the minimum plate thickness for fabricating the pipe. This is usually done for the larger pipe diameters or custom pipe sizes.

The input/output and control options are as follows:

  • in section '1) Required input for minimum pipe schedule design'
    • 'Pipe standard', to set the pipe dimension standard and thickness, possibility to select other pipe standard than the default in the pipe class
    • 'Pipe material', to set the pipe material of construction, use the button to select another material than the default pipe material in the pipe class
    • 'Corrosion', to set the corrosion allowance of the pipe in millimeters
    • 'Pipe tolerance', to set the pipe fabrication tolerance in percentage or millimeters
    • 'Joint efficiency', to set the joint efficiency between greater than 0 and smaller or equal than 1, as default start value 1 can be used.
  • in section '2) Optional input for large pipe diameters made of plate material'
    • 'Use plate material for large diameter of pipe'. Check this box if the larger diameters need to be made of plate. If not checked, this section will be skipped during calculation
    • 'Minimum pipe size for plate material', to set the pipe size above which the pipes will made of plate material
    • 'Plate material', to set the plate material of construction
    • 'Plate corrosion', to set the plate corrosion allowance in millimeters
    • 'Plate tolerance', to set the plate tolerance in percentage or millimeters
    • 'Plate joint efficiency', to set the joint efficiency of the pipe if made of plate material
    • 'Radio buttons'. Select one of the two radio buttons to exactly calculate the thickness of the plate or to use the thicknesses as per the standard schedules in the pipe standard
  • in section '3) Start designing wall thickness and pipe schedules'
    • 'Start Design'. Click the button to start the calculation process of the Pipe Schedule Wizard
  • in section '4) Calculation results'
    • 'List'. This list will show after the calculation the minimum required wall thickness per line size and Pressure Temperature combination. At the bottom of each line size series of calculations the results are shown as tr = required wall thickness, trn = the closest schedule wall thickness and the corresponding schedule.

At the bottom of the dialog

  • 'Help' button, to show this help page.
  • 'Save' button, to save the results in the pipe class pipe section.
  • 'Cancel' button, to cancel the design and close the dialog.