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Design Options - Nozzles

Figure Design options nozzles

  • The software will maintain, during the design cycle, a clearance between the weld of the nozzle and the next weld on the shell or head. The clearance is set in the field 'Clearance weld to reinforcement ring'. In case of a reinforcement pad this clearance will be between the edge of the reinforcement pad and the next weld on the shell, refer to L1 and L2 on figure nozzle details.
  • In certain circumstances for example in existing exchangers the reinforcement area in the channel is not wide enough for the required area. The 'Allow reinforcement area channel in skirt' check mark can be set to allow the calculation to use the additional width of the skirt of the head for the reinforcement area calculation, refer to figure nozzle details.

Figure Nozzle details

  • The nozzle positions are optional. During the design cycle the VES program will determine the optimal position for the nozzles. The user can set nozzle positions to comply with the requirement from for example piping engineering. The nozzle positions can be locked to fix the user set positions during the design cycle.
  • The nozzle orientations are also optional. The user can set the orientation as required and can also lock the position for the design cycle.


Figure Nozzle positioning detail

The nozzle positions can be changed in detail when reviewing the detail calculations. For example if the ASME UG-37 (Nozzle reinforcement) calculation is opened the nozzle positions can be changed by selecting in the menu Options > Position and Orientation or to click the button on the calculation sheet at line with 'Nozzle location angle to x-axis ?'.

The nozzle orientation can be manipulated by dragging the nozzle with the pressed the left mouse button on the image.


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