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Design Options – Flange Tab The heat exchanger flange options can be edited when selecting the tab 'Flange'. The below figure 'Flange design options' shows the various fields that can be set by the user.

Figure Design options flange

  • The minimum hub height is illustrated in figure 'Flange hub design' number 6
  • The hub height coefficient is indicated at number 8
  • The hub slope is indicated by number 7
  • The hub flange transition radius is the radius between the flange and the hub section indicated by number 11.

The above four items are usually depend the tools of the fabricator and the required distance to the next weld on the equipment.

The gasket settings are elucidated with below figure:

Figure 'Flange gasket design'

  • The design for minimum gasket reaction diameter corresponds with the Gmin location of the gasket, Use the design for MINIMUM gasket reaction diameter option for heat exchangers with high design pressures. The flange design will minimize the flange pressure area. Use this option to optimize the flange thickness for high pressure cases
  • The design for maximum gasket reaction diameter is indicated with option Gmax.
  • The check minimum gasket width can be selected to make sure that the gasket width will be checked against the minimum required width for the applied packing pressure

Figure 'Bolting Design'

  • The heat exchanger design will start flange design with the minimum bolt size from the flange option window (default minimum bolt size is ¾”). Use this option if the design returns with a large number of bolts. A larger minimum bolt size will reduce the number of required bolts
  • The bolt type is depending on the bolt tensioning tools used to close the flange connection. Click the 'Bolt sizes' button to view the bolt dimensions used to construct a flange
  • The floating head can contain a split backing ring. The correction factor is to increase the stress loads due to higher moments. The moment correction factor for a split backing ring is depending on the number of splits (default Cfsplit = 2)

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