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Material and Nozzle Data

The first draft design is done with the heat exchanger design module as described in the previous sections. If the heat exchanger design module window is still open close the window by select from the menu File > close. The main window will now be visible of VES.

In the main window, just below the the Heat Exchanger Design Module, the link to the Material List link is indicated. If clicked the below window is shown.

Figure Overview of selected materials

The material list gives a similar overview of the materials used as the material list in the heat exchanger design module. The materials can be edited in this window by double clicking the relevant material field. A new material selection window will be opened to facilitate the material selection.

The material property columns are as follows:

  • Td[°C] is the user set design temperature for the exchanger item
  • Rm[N/mm2] is the tensile strength at 20 °C
  • Re[N/mm2] is the yield strength at design temperature
  • Re 20 °C[N/mm2] is the yield strength at 20 °C
  • Rmg[N/mm2] is the average creep tensile stress
  • E[N/mm2] is the modulus of elasticity at design temperature
  • E 20 °C[N/mm2] is the modulus of elasticity at 20 °C
  • Alpha [1/°C] is the linear expansion coefficient
  • Sall[N/mm2] is the allowable stress at design temperature
  • Sall. Atm.[N/mm2] is the allowable stress at atmospheric conditions
  • Specific gravity[Kg/dm^3] is the specific gravity

Below the Material List link is the link to the Nozzle List. Double click this link to open the below window.

Figure Nozzle list window

To change a selected nozzle click the relevant Flange Rating or Flange Type field. A gray box with a down arrow can be clicked to open the Nozzle Selection dialog window. The user can select a standard flange and size from the nozzle selection dialog.

Standard a raised face (RF) is entered at the flange facing field.

To edit the nozzle neck or connecting pipe click the Neck Nominal OD, Neck OD or the Neck Schedule field. A gray box with a down arrow can be clicked to open the Schedule selection dialog window. The use can also select here the standard pipe schedule and size from the database.

The following fields can be edited also manually instead of selecting from the database:

  • neck thickness, in case there is no pipe schedule available
  • neck joint efficiency
  • neck tolerance

The reinforcement width and thickness can be set by the user. This value is or set by the heat exchanger design wizard or set manually in case of an existing exchanger.

The standout of the nozzle is defined from the centerline of the heat exchanger shell and channels. The Remarks column is for user remarks as reminder when opening this window.

Piping Design

Advanced Piping Design book from Gulf Publishing Company for which Red-Bag provided the co-author.

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