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Design and View Construction Sizes

The mechanical datasheet for the heat exchanger has been completed in the previous sections. All necessary data for the design of the heat exchanger is now available in the application.

The Design & View Construction Sizes is the instruction for the VES application to run a new design cycle based on the data in the datasheet entered by the user. The software will perform the calculations and will design the dimensions such as bolt circles, flange sizes and nozzle reinforcement.

The design instruction is used when a first calculation or design is done for a new heat exchanger. The design cycle uses the knowledge of an experienced engineer to make decisions about dimensions and thicknesses. It is also interesting in some cases to see what the VES software would have made of an existing design.

In the menu click View > Design & View Construction Sizes.

A new window will be opened with the design report showing the results of the calculations. The window has various tabs at the bottom. One of the tabs is shown in figure 'Overview of design' showing the dimensional sketch of the exchanger.

The first tab shows the log of the calculations. This log is a report of all the calculation warnings, errors, input settings and inconsistencies. This first log is the first indication of the soundness of the calculation. The user is advised to update the input of the data first to remove all errors and warnings before detail editing is done to the heat exchanger design.

The next tabs contain the actual input and result report, with:

  • cover sheet of the report
  • mechanical data sheet, which is an echo of all user input
  • dimension sheets, showing the dimensions as designed by the software
  • nozzle list, listing the data of all the heat exchanger nozzles
  • material list, showing the selected material per heat exchanger item
  • sketch, a sketch of the heat exchanger type with the size values


Figure Overview of design in mechanical datasheet with outline dimension data sheet

Figure Weight table after code calculation

It is possible to review the last design cycle report without running the full design. The previous report generated by the last design cycle is selected in the heat exchanger design module by clicking in the menu: Check & View Construction Sizes

The weight table shows the weights of the various components, the bundle and the empty exchanger. Click in the menu View > Weight

The log data with warnings and errors is also available from the menu, click View > Assessment.

Piping Design

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