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Alternative Shell Design

The heat exchanger design input sheet shows two small buttons at line of 'inside diameter' in the section of 'Design data cylinders'. The shell and channels can be made of plate or using a schedule pipe. The diameter can be set by the user in case of a plate. By clicking the buttons the below window is shown.

Figure Selection of standard schedules

The user can now select a standard pipe schedule for the channels and shell.

  • Select at the top of the window the standard from which the schedule will be selected
  • Select with a left mouse click the require nominal outside diameter of the pipe to be used
  • At the right of the window select the applicable schedule
  • One from two options can be selected for the tolerance tube or plate tolerance. The tube tolerance will use standard 12.5% of the nominal thickness. The plate tolerance is 0.5mm. The actual tolerance and NomOD are shown in the two (non-editable) fields for reference.

The heat exchanger design input sheet shows one small button at line of 'Gasket number' in the section of 'Design data girth flanges'. Pressing this button will show the below gasket selection window.

Figure Selection of gasket materials

  • Click in the list to select one of the gasket types
  • For the facing sketch refer to ASME VIII div1 appendix2 table 2-5.2, commonly used is 1a
  • The column I or II is depending the used gasket, refer to table 2-5.1
  • The values for gasket thickness, gasket width and facing width are set by the software after selecting the gasket data but can be edited by the user as required


Piping Design

Advanced Piping Design book from Gulf Publishing Company for which Red-Bag provided the co-author.

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