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The University of Zaragoza and Red-Bag have entered in a joint venture for the International Institute of Plant Engineering and Design (InIPED).


The mission of the Institute is to capture the senior engineer/designer’s expertise and to make the expertise available through various on-line expert courses. The courses will have different levels of detail making it possible to provide a tailored training scheme.

The engineers and designers that started 20 to 40 years ago will now be close to retirement or are already retired. These professionals have learned the business hands-on. Their experience has led to various design and engineering standards within companies but also has influenced national and international codes and standards. Expertise will be lost with the retirement of engineers and designers.

The Institute will proactively collect the engineering knowledge and make this knowledge available through training to the member companies. The member companies will play an active role in the gathering of information and knowledge.

Courses Overview

The training at InIPED covers many subjects of the engineering and design of a process plant. The training courses and the content are developed together with the member companies.

The development process is a continuous process adding more information, knowledge and expertise to the courses. InIPED will actively collect the content. Also actual events can lead to new content, for example a fire accident in a plant.

Below is a summarized overview of the course content related to project disciplines.

There are three different types of courses:

  • The Basic Course is a training with all topics that a junior to medium level piping designer needs to be capable of. The designer will be able to perform all the tasks to deliver piping design and the design documents ready for construction.
  • The Advanced Course is for Senior Designers to refresh their knowledge or for Designers that are further in their career to become a Senior Designer. The Senior Designer will be able to create a design with minimal information, will be a Squad Leader of a group of designers and will handle all project execution tasks such as progress reporting and quality assurance.
  • The Specialist Courses are a set of short courses handling design and engineering topics in detail. These courses are for designers and engineers who want to specialize in for example: pipe flexibility and stress engineering and material and pipe specification specialist.

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Piping Design

Advanced Piping Design book from Gulf Publishing Company for which Red-Bag provided the co-author.

Overview of Library

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